Did you know?  Public libraries are an incredibly valuable spaces for learning and sharing information–so of course they can be great spaces for doing science as well.  The La Jolla branch of the San Diego Public Library system has many opportunities for people to become involved in science, thanks to the tireless efforts of their branch manager, Shaun Briley.

Catalog of Life @ the Library–a citywide library effort to barcode bugs initiated by the La Jolla Library.
Local scientists need YOU to help create a catalog of life in our city. Only an estimated 20 per cent of species on earth have been identified by their DNA barcode. The San Diego Public Library is partnering with San Diego Barcode of Life to offer citizens a chance to collect bugs and have them identified by their DNA. You will be able to learn what you have found and there is a very good chance that you might make a new discovery!

Free bug collection kits can be requested from your local library starting March 2nd. San Diego Barcode of Life is a part of the International Barcode of Life (iBOL) project, which aims to identify all life on the planet. Scientists use this information to do things like monitor the health of the environment and the impacts of climate change