Download and print the passport here!

Value proposition for stakeholders of the San Diego Citizen Science Passport Program:

San Diegans:

  • Become more involved/educated in science and aware of how it affects them
  • Explore some of the parks and museums available in San Diego
  • Network with people with shared interests
  • Take pride in contributing to science and become informal STEM educators in own sphere of influence (family, friends, etc.)

San Diego, State, and Federal agencies:

  • Raise awareness for local efforts in science, STEM education, and environmental stewardship, so that San Diegans understand the return on investment of their tax dollars.
  • Increase sense of civic responsibility, participation, and pride in San Diego.
  • Increase San Diego’s profile in an area of increasing scientific interest.

Citizen Science Projects:

  • Increase participation in projects resulting in increased data collection, new discoveries, and more.
  • Increase opportunities to educate San Diego residents on research efforts and data that affects San Diegans.
  • Network with members of other projects to improve existing efforts and offerings.

Passport program Sponsors:

  • Raise brand awareness and link your brand to socially responsible causes like local environmental stewardship or STEM education
  • Receive months of meaningful, targeted, and unique marketing/promotional activity by donating prizes for the Citizen Science Passport program. Each satellite event becomes an opportunity to share about the company’s sponsorship of the program, and the program runs from March to August.
    • Meaningful marketing: Your brand is shared with gratitude during interactions between citizen science project leaders and participants.
    • Targeted marketing: Your brand is shared to participants with interests in hiking, outdoors, fishing, beaches, computers, biology, ecology, and more. Citizen science covers an extremely broad range of subjects, which present good marketing opportunities for outdoors, sporting goods, technology, travel, and more.
    • Unique marketing: Donate co-branded promotional items such as (backpacks, tote bags, traveler mugs and more), and associate your brand with their meaningful contributions to science.
  • Tax deductions: Prize donations can be made to the Friends of La Jolla Branch Library a 501c3 charity.