Contributor Instructions–READ THIS FIRST

1. You are welcome to edit pages and posts pertaining to your own project, but please do NOT mess with other project’s pages and posts.

2. This wordpress site is limited to 3MB of space. Please upload your images elsewhere and use image tags to display them. To do this, you will need to be in text mode. Do NOT upload them here as they may get deleted.

3. WordPress limits the kinds of html tags that can be used out of security purposes. See their list of what’s allowed, and what isn’t for details.

4. If you post to the blog, be sure to categorize and tag your post (not the same as html tag) with the category/tag that indicates your project. This will help users find your posts about your project faster.
Before adding new categories, please check the categories list to see if the category you’d like to add already exists. Please use categories for key words regarding your post, and reserve the use of tags to your project/project group.

List of default categories and tags

Categories Tags
CalFlora CalFlora
Mark2Cure Mark2Cure, M2C
SDMyco SDMyco