April 8 Meeting: Eric Mueller: The Marvels of Mycology

The guest speaker for our April 8th meeting will be Eric Mueller. The meeting will be hosted in Room 101, Casa del Prado in Balboa Park at 6:30 pm.
We will take Eric to dinner before the meeting around 5:00pm at the Blue Water Seafood Grill at 3667 India St.
Eric will be discussing basics of mushroom cultivation and different methods for growing mushrooms. He will also be discussing medicinal mushrooms and their health benefits. 
Please bring mushrooms you find so we can get them identified 6:30-7 pm and help promote our citizen science project “San Diego Mycoflora Project” at the same time. Print out data slips here and fill them in before leaving any specimens!
Eric Mueller is a mushroom educator, producer of mushroom grow kits and high-end medicinal mushroom fruit body tinctures. He is also an electrocutioner of various wood items. He has been selling his tinctures and grow kits at both the San Diego Mycological Society and Los Angeles Mycological Society, as well as a few local Farmer’s markets. He also gives lectures to high school students about mushrooms. Learn more and  follow him at @muellermushroom &  muellersmushroom.com

San Diego Citizen Science Expo 2019

Like taking pictures of flowers? Enjoy hiking or surfing? Like to read or play computer games? You can help science while enjoying these activities! Citizen Science is when members of the public contribute to real scientific efforts. San Diego is a scientific hub with many open, ongoing research efforts in need of people to contribute as volunteer researchers. You DON’T need a science background to help answer important research questions. Learn about the many citizen science projects happening here in San Diego and how you (and your kids) can contribute to real research.

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