Using Data to Drive Decisions About the Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard

The flat-tailed horned lizard has the most limited distribution of any horned lizard species in the United States, and its habitats have been impacted by development, off-road vehicle activity, and more. Using records of where the animal has been observed, coupled with data from the museum’s historic collections, scientists can understand the environmental factors that shape patterns of biodiversity and learn what the lizard needs to survive. 

Fantastic Fungi Tickets on Sale! Screenings coming to San Diego November 3rd + 5th.

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Fantastic Fungi is a consciousness-shifting film that takes us on an immersive journey through time and scale into the magical earth beneath our feet, an underground network that can heal and save our planet.  Through the eyes of renowned scientists and mycologists like Paul Stamets, best-selling authors Michael Pollan, Eugenia Bone, Andrew Weil, and others, we become aware of the beauty, intelligence and solutions the fungi kingdom offer us in response to some of our most pressing medical, therapeutic, and environmental challenges.

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Sunday, November 3 @ 4:00pm

La Paloma Theatre, Encinitas

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Tuesday, November 5th @ 8:30pm. Doors open @ 7:45.

Hotel del Coronado/Exponential Medicine Conference 2019

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