La Jolla Cove Microbial Diversity presentation

Come meet the microbes that share our local aquatic environment. This project, which was initiated and funded by curious citizens, uses advanced DNA sequencing techniques to survey the microbial diversity at local swimming beaches. Preliminary results show that our beaches are distinct environments, differing in diversity and composition of microbial taxa, and provide a fascinating first look at how local biodiversity is shaped by unique environmental conditions.

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When: Tuesday, May 7 at 6:30 PM

Where: La Jolla Riford Library, Community Room (7555 Draper Ave., La Jolla, CA, 92037)

Who: Presented by Callen Hyland, PhD, University of San Diego and the WetLab

San Diego Citizen Science Expo 2019

Like taking pictures of flowers? Enjoy hiking or surfing? Like to read or play computer games? You can help science while enjoying these activities! Citizen Science is when members of the public contribute to real scientific efforts. San Diego is a scientific hub with many open, ongoing research efforts in need of people to contribute as volunteer researchers. You DON’T need a science background to help answer important research questions. Learn about the many citizen science projects happening here in San Diego and how you (and your kids) can contribute to real research.

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The Wet Lab’s Citizen Science Lecture Series

Our citizen science lecture series speaker on Tuesday 11/6 at the La Jolla Riford Library is Barbara Lloyd, who is the co-founder of Ocean Sanctuaries. OS is a non-profit organization “devoted almost exclusively to ocean-related citizen science projects and sharing the data obtained from them with both the professional and citizen science community… to foster greater understanding, wise ecology, species protection and good stewardship of the ocean and related habitats”.

Title: Using Citizen Science to Track Sevengill Sharks

Speaker: Barbara Lloyd, Founder, Ocean Sanctuaries, (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization)

Abstract: Certain species, such as the sevengill shark or the whale shark, have unique patterns which can be utilized to identify individuals and to track resightings of the same shark. Ocean Sanctuaries is using online tools along with photos and videos to develop a collaborative data management system to estimate sevengill shark populations in Southern California and South Africa.

For more information, visit The San Diego Wet Lab group’s facebook page:

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