November 5 meeting: Board Elections and Insights into the NAMA

Our November meeting will include board elections followed by a presentation by Michelle Jachimowicz and Michelle Innis.  They will be sharing insights about the mushrooms found in the forays and the workshops and findings from incredible speakers at the recent NAMA event in Salem, Oregon.

We will take the Michelles to dinner before the meeting around 5:00 at the Blue Water Seafood Grill  3667 India Street   Come along to meet both Michelles over dinner.

Board Elections
We are a volunteer organization and need individuals to donate their time to keep the club operational and planning all the great talks, content, and forays that you have come to enjoy. Please consider running for one of the offices as we could really use your support.

Board Officer Positions and Responsibilities
The board is responsible for scheduling speakers and coordinating the Fungus fair.
**President: responsible for presiding over the monthly meetings, heading the monthly board meetings, submitting the room reservations, usually attends the SDBGF meetings to represent the club.
**Vice President: assists President and performs presidential obligations when president is indisposed.
**Secretary: take notes at board meetings and distributes information to the group.
**Treasurer: handles membership dues, handles accounting (speaker payments, dinner payments, expense reimbursements, etc.), pays club taxes from fair sales.
**Board Member at Large: non-officer who has responsibility of voting at board meetings and assisting with scheduling of speakers.

Non Board Positions
**SDBGF Representative: attends the SDBGF meetings and represents the club at the meeting. Participant is usually the president or a board member, but can be anyone affiliated with the club.
**Website Manager: posts club announcements on website.
**News Editor: sends emails about club events and meetings as well as other fun fungus facts and information
**Social Media Manager: posts club announcements on social media outlets.
**Audio/Visual Manager: sets up projector and audio equipment for club meetings and the fungus fair
**Public Relations Manager: manages advertising of the fungus fair (most advertising occurs in November for the February event).
**Foray Manager: organizes club forays (including obtaining foray waivers).

The meeting will start at 6:30 PM in Room 101, Casa Del Prado in Balboa Park.

Register for the NAMA Annual Foray in Salem Oregon while there’s still space available

Hello Mushroom Lovers!

In this email, Foray Chair Sam Landes reveals more exciting news about NAMA’s upcoming foray in the Pacific Northwest, October 11-14.

BC: Let’s talk mushrooms first. What kinds of “only in the Northwest” mushrooms should we be able to find in mid-October?

SL: It’s the beginning of matsutake season and the Oregon truffles may be starting too. Since our foray sites will range from the Cascade Mountains to the Oregon coast, we’ll be able to find quite a variety of fungi.

BC: Mushrooms are only part of the fun of the foray. What else will we especially like about this spot?

SL: The MacCleay center is a great facility. It’s a conference center as opposed to a camp, so it’s designed for adults. The space is compact and level and the rooms have air conditioning and heat. There’s an outdoor pool, a hot tub, and his and her saunas. There’s a coffee bar and we can bring beer and wine. The food is good, and there will be vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. There are small designated smoking areas for any legal substance and plenty of places to socialize.

There’s great stuff off the grounds, too. We’ll be just 15 minutes away from Salem, Oregon’s capital. You’ll find lots of vineyards and craft breweries along the way. We’ve planned half-day forays at Silver Falls State Park, voted the best state park in Oregon:

For those who prefer to stay in a hotel, we’ve arranged special rates at the Best Western Pacific Highway Inn in Salem.  It is about 15 minutes from the Macleay Center.
Call to request the NAMA rate.

BC: I know that you’ve scheduled some of our favorite traditional events such as a mushroom feast (mycophagy) and lots of lectures. Are there any “for the first time” or “only in Oregon” events people will want to know about?

SL: We have several speakers from Oregon State University. One of Friday evening’s keynote speakers, professor Sara Robinson, will be speaking about spalted wood—beautifully colored and patterned wood that results from fungal decay.  Check out Spalted Wood (the movie) here: On Saturday, she’ll give a wood turning demonstration and also have pigment samples for you to paint with.

There will be sessions on identification, photography, and cultivation. As always, there will be a mushroom tasting, and members of local clubs will offer cooking demonstrations.

If that isn’t enough fun and fungi, put on this great foray t-shirt  and head 50 miles down the road to the Breitenbush Hot Springs Mushroom Gathering, October 18-21.

The full event schedule will be posted on NAMA’s website soon.

For registration information, see

The Beauty and Diversity of San Diego’s Mushrooms Tuesday June 12 @ 6pm

Our very own Les Braund will be presenting at the Ocean Beach Library on June 12 @ 6pm

President of the San Diego Mycological Society, Les Braund, will be presenting a talk about the wild and wonderful world of mushrooms in San Diego County! Learn about Earth Stars, Bird’s Nest and Blewit mushrooms as well as how to identify poisonous and edible mushrooms.

Here’s a link to the Ocean Beach Library Facebook event page

Les Braund at the Ocean Beach Library on June 12 @ 6pm



John Muir Comes to Questhaven

John Muir, as portrayed by the world’s foremost Muir interpreter – Lee Stetson of 33 years performing in Yosemite and all over the world – is coming for 4 different live performances to Questhaven Retreat and Nature Preserve June 22-24, 2018. All are welcome – Great for anyone who loves nature, conservation, preserving our wilderness, and those interested in the life and legacy of John Muir, who is responsible for our national parks.
See: – Events Calendar Summer Festival for more information, shows, and times – or call (760) 744-1500

April 30th potluck

Our April 30th, 2018 meeting is a potluck dinner. The dinner starts at 7 PM in Room 101, Casa Del Prado in Balboa Park. Please bring a cooked or cold dish and your own beverage. (Note: there will be no kitchen access) The club will provide plates, cups, napkins, and utensils, but feel free to bring your own. If your dish contains wild mushrooms, please provide identification of the type contained in your dish.
Volunteers are needed for setting up and decorating the room. Set-up will begin around 6:30pm. We need help arranging tables and chairs, placing tablecloths, and decorating. Feel free to bring greenery or decorations.

April 2nd at 6:30pm: “Mushrooms and Fungi of Southern California and Northern Baja”

For the Monday April 2nd meeting our speaker will be Bonni Thoresen, speaking on “Mushrooms and Fungi of Southern California and Northern Baja”.

The meeting will start at 6:30 PM in Room 101, Casa Del Prado in Balboa Park. We will take Bonni to dinner before the meeting around 5:00 at the Blue Water Seafood Grill. Come along to meet Bonni over dinner.

Further details to follow.